Welcome to the breathtaking scenery of the Bulkley Valley. Whether you are going for an hour or staying for weeks, you will never forget this place. Our well trained horses and knowledgeable staff will make your trip a safe but exciting adventure.

This family business has been operating in the Bulkley Valley since 1983. We strive to offer our clients a fun and safe horseback adventure that captures the beauty of our surroundings.

Our summer camps have been capturing the imaginations of kids since 1987. During their week of camp, campers will have a blast with a variety of horse based adventures. Who would not want the chance to get their own horse or pony for an entire week?

The horses are our pride and joy. Most of our horses are born and raised here, and have learned the trails from an early age. Someof our “horse crew” have a sad story in their past and have found a new home here where they are safe and well cared for.

Our horses are our passion but not all horses like what we do. For those that yern for a differnt life we will find them something more suitable in another loving home. Looking for a new partner? Let us help you find the perfect match.


Tack and other supplies

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Young horses running