Groups & Schools

M.V.A offers a variety of exciting experiences for groups or school classes to add some adventure to their trips. We welcome groups for a trail ride, day trips or multi day trips.  Check out some of our most popular programs and contact us for a custom designed package.

Group Trail Rides

M.V.A. has been creating horseback memories for over 30 years. Join us for a 1 or 2 hour trail ride that is sure to be remembered for years to come.

Available for groups of 10 or more 

**Please Note: Groups larger than 10 will be split into smaller groups for rides**

Day Trips

Join us for an exciting day in the great outdoors.  Teachers/leaders can choose any two of the program choices available in the multi-day package or provide their own activities. Full faciliites make this the ideal place to enjoy a day of adventure.

Multi-Day Packages

M.V.A. welcomes groups to stay for up to a week at our breathtaking ranch. The setting is ideal for new experiences and new learning opportunities.  Program choices can match up with school groups curriculum objectives or simply provide a stay full of fun and lifelong memories.


Below is a list of program choices. Typically, teachers/leaders will two programs per day. The following are only suggestions; you may of course add your own programs to your outing.


Program Choices:


Arts/Crafts - using nature as our muse, we create nature inspired arts and crafts geared toward the appropriate age group

History - local and Canadian history combine with hands on experiences (focus points such as women's, firt nations or fur trade history available upon request)

Horseback Riding (Step 1) - Horse handling basics, horse safety, basic horse care

Horseback Riding (Step 2) - Horseback riding lessons, in arena

Horseback Riding (Step 3) - Trail riding or games on horseback

Music - Sing-a-longs, instuments from nature

Orienteering - learn to use a compass and complete a fun course

Survival (Basic) - edible plants, survival kits

Survival (Advanced) - shelter building, plant identification, wilderness first aid

Wildlife Education - wildlife identification, safetly and knowledge



We work out each plan individually to meet the group’s needs and provide the best possible results.

Please note that all evening activities are run and supervised by the teachers/leaders. All horse related programs are run by MVA staff only.