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About Mountain View Adventures

MVA started in 1983 when Angelika Langen offered her first Trail Rides in the late fall of that year. Her husband Peter created a beautiful maze of trails in what now is known as the Babine Mountain Provincial Park. Soon she was giving lessons and in 1987 the first summer youth camp was offered. In the years to come school field trips, ladies camps and mother/daughter camps as well as programs for Girl Guides and Scouts were added.

In 2016 Angelika & Peter retired from the majority of the horse business to dedicate their time full time to the Wildlife Shelter. Their daughter Tanja Landry along with fellow teachers Chandelle Brears and Kim Madore decided to keep running the youth camps and trail rides during the summer months. The roots of MVA run deep, a love for the horses we work with and the people we meet has made this a very special place, a step away from the usual.

Meet the current operators

Chandelle Brears Teacher in Prince George BC

Kim Madore Teacher in Masset BC

Tanja Landry Owner/Operator Mountain View Adventures

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